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Khoj-aao! is a social enterprise dedicated to discovering the wonders of the outdoors. As seasoned adventurers, nature enthusiasts, and passionate beings, we promote the exploration of backyard biodiversity through thoughtfully curated outdoor experiences. Our aim is to learn more our environment so we can all thrive sustainably and appreciate its interconnectedness.

Khoj-aao! Adventures curates offbeat, unique experiences for nature lovers and adventurers. We carefully curate half-day, full-day, overnight and multi-day experiences across Goa and the A&N Islands that are eco-responsible, engage local communities and global conservation efforts. From bird-watching in Goa and exploring local villages to sunset hikes and overnight camping trips under the stars, come explore the greener, local side of this beautiful state.

Our guides are fun, professional, knowledgeable and Wilderness First Aid certified. We provide local, fresh & healthy refreshments and high-quality adventure equipment on all of our experiences. Khoj-aao! Experiences are 100% SAFE – Super Adventurous, Fun and Educational– and, are great for everyone (students, schools, corporate groups, travellers, families and young learners).

Literally, 'khoj' comes from the Hindi word meaning 'to look for' and 'aao' translates as 'to come'. Together, 'khojaao' means 'to get lost' or 'wander' and all of this is what we do.

Khoj-aao! in the wonders of the natural world – you'll be glad you did.

what we do

Student Programs & Corporate Teams

Through dynamic activities and outdoor adventure experiences, we facilitate experiential team-building sessions on: problem-solving techniques, developing interpersonal relationships, self reflection and improving communication.

Experience Goa’s diverse wildlife and rich culture while learning, exploring and growing as a team.

Offbeat Nature Adventures

Enjoy half-day, full-day or multi-day adventures – backyard nature trails, hikes to spectacular sunset viewpoints, and visit pristine forest areas for stargazing and bird-watching in Goa.

We curate trekking, overnight camping and bicycle journeys through the hinterland of Goa – away from the crowds and finding peace in nature.

Interactive Wildlife Workshops

Our curated workshops provide opportunities for learning by exploring ecological diversity and environmental sustainability.

Topics include: Snake Awareness, Butterflies, Spiders, Trees, Birds of Goa, Wilderness Survival and Backyard Biodiversity and are suitable for families, travellers and young learners, alike.

Adventures in October 2019


A Day in the Forest
(Bhagwan Mahaveer WLS)

November 24th & December 1st

About the day

Venture into the hinterland of Goa, exploring the local villages and dense reserve forest areas. Trek into the forest and wade across networks of streams– a relaxing, quiet & green paradise. Explore the monsoon greenery, observe wildlife and take a refreshing dip in a natural (seasonal) swimming hole.


This day is from 7:30 am to 7 pm! We meet near Mapusa, Goa.
Cost is 3000/- Rs. pp which includes guided nature trail, homemade picnic lunch, warm tea, high-quality adventure equipment, and transportation! (Kids under 10, 2200/- Rs.)

What to bring

Please wear waterproof shoes. Pack a small daypack with 1L of drinking water, sun protection, rain gear, a change of clothes, small towel, and swimsuit.


Backyard Nature Trail (Socorro)

Call for November dates

About the walk

Explore the monsoon greenery across a vast lateritic plateau. The trail explores the many shades of green in Goa’s backyards– the colours, smells and sounds of the landscape. Use discovery tools to observe and learn more about the rich bird, insect and plant life all around. It's a great time to explore outside!


Cost is 1200/- Rs. pp (700/- kids 10 and under) includes guides, adventure equipment, a light picnic breakfast and extra rain gear! Great for families, nature lovers, photographers and adventurers to enjoy a peaceful morning.

For more information

Contact us at 9823063131 / 8527937919 by phone /whatsapp, or email us at adventure@khojaao.com

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